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Dark Chocolate Cake (The SparkPeople CookBook)

5 Apr

About the Recipe/Intro

If want to know why I chose this dessert, put it simply: I love chocolate! With sweet vs. dark, this is one case where I love dark side, and it is decadent. If you read the ingredients, you may think it’s missing one to two ingredients, namely butter and oil. (Wait, how can you make a cake without those? You need something to moisten it.) Chef Meg’s answer: a vegetable. If you think she’s crazy and want to flip the page, allow me to explain. By preparing a vegetable, whether it’s by grating, pureeing etc, it releases the moisture within the vegetable and allows it to be dispersed throughout the batter. Thus, fat and calories goes down with nutrient content in the recipe going up. Note: you don’t actually taste the vegetable itself in the recipe other than maybe contributing a little bit of sweetness (Cook Yourself Thin).

Ingredients, Shopping and Cost

Whole-Wheat Pastry Flour

In the introduction to the “Dessert” section, she notes her preference whole-wheat pastry flour. Yet, not every recipe features this, and I’m not saying it as a bad thing. Also, I want to know how this differs from a whole-wheat flour. On the ingredient list with the product I bought, it says, “Whole Grain Soft Wheat Flour”. So, I wonder it being “soft” has something to do with it. By soft, they mean lower protein (less gluten) compare to all-purpose flour. Compared to regular whole-wheat flour, it has a softer and finer texture. (Weston). When shopping for this, finding it at your store can be hit-or-miss; so, you may either have go to another store or use a mix of flours.

# of stores: 2

  1. Trader Joe’s
  2. Whole Foods

Baking the recipe

                Like other cakes recipes, this follows the baking standard of keeping wet and dry ingredients separate at first. However, it then has you make and incorporate meringues. I get to do this for something like a cheesecake, but a chocolate cake? One tip she makes is to have all ingredients at room temperature before starting. Although it increases your prep time, I found it much easier working with all the ingredients, especially the eggs. Overall, making this recipe seemed very easy. (I do have a confession to make; what I describe what was my 2nd attempt. On my first, I added wet and dry prematurely, and due to time constraints, I had wait to another day to have my cake. For someone who enjoys chocolate, I was quite pissed off at myself.). Note: this cake doesn’t include a frosting.


When I first tried this cake, it had this airiness to it, which I attribute that to the meringues. I wasn’t necessary a fan of that. As I kept biting down, I got this nice richness of dark chocolate. Prior to baking, I had this great dark chocolate bar, and once I got to this note, it happily reminded me of that. In addition to satisfying my chocolate craving, this cake was very moist and soft. (Remember, no butter or oil). I didn’t miss the frosting. If you have must have it though, then take and possibly modify the frosting part of another dessert from this book.

One request for advice is how do you properly store this cake? I covered in foil and let it sit on the counter. Although it kept moist, the cake molded on me pretty quickly; I had to throw half of it out. As I roommate would say, “You fail.”


I give this recipe a 4.5 out 5. If you’re new to baking healthier desserts and/or just have a dark chocolate craving, this cake is a good starting point.


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