About: Eat Me!

As mentioned in the introduction, the purpose for this blog is to test out recipe sets like cookbooks, magazines (doesn’t necessary need to be strictly food/cooking), recipes from websites, cooking shows, etc. by cooking the recipes contained within them. If ever read a cookbook though, recipes are not the only information in there. For that reason, I will try to incorporate that as I blog provided it is relative the recipe testing out.

But let’s face it. If the recipe(s) work, then you’re more willing to cook another recipe from the set and even refer someone to try it out. However, if the recipe(s) are a disaster, then why buy the cookbook, watch the show, and more importantly, cook the actual recipes, no matter how interesting and/or even useful the other information it has to offer.

If some of you are thinking, “who are on earth gives you the right to test whether a recipes is good or not?! I never heard of you. Do you even know how to cook? And what possessed you to call this blog Eat Me?! Really?!  I guess everyone’s a critic.”

For the blog’s name, I’ll covered that in another “About” section. As for me testing recipes and running this blog, I encourage all of you to contribute to the blog, whether it’s leaving a comment to something I post to even testing and blogging about the recipes from current set (even ones that myself or others don’t get too.). Even if I was more known, I’m still one person. What my preferences are can be completely different from someone else’s. Also, this isn’t going to be a “Julie and Julia” project, where every recipe is tested. As fun as that may be, way too much time, especially if it contains thousand(s) of recipes. Not too sound so cheesy, but you can think of these tests as a process or a journey, and I invite you to come along, whether it’s part way or its entirety.

When I am testing a recipe, I am going to follow and cook the recipes (as best as I can) as it written. Whether you do the same is up to you. However, if anyone (myself included) decides to modify a recipe for whatever reason, then I’d ask you do mention that and the reason you did it. Should you make a “mistake”, don’t be afraid to fess up. For all we know, the modification and/or mistake might work towards your advantage and may highlight something about that recipe (whether positive or negative).

With posting, commenting, etc. on this blog, the one thing I do ask is just to be honest about what you write, whether it’s on a recipe, the set in general, commenting about somebody else’s post, etc. The manner you phrase your honestly, and ultimately how you contribute, is up to you.

At the end of each test, we will determine/vote whether to either recommend it or take a pass/refund it. The way that will be done is still to be determined, and I would like suggestions on how to go about it. Also, if you all would like to do some form of a rating system (like a score, stars, grades, etc.) then I will add that with critiquing recipes. Once there is a rubric established and agreed upon to be used for any or all of the above mentioned, I will reflect this portion to state what it will be.

Even when more established, this blog is a work in progress, and I hope it continues to keep evolving as we go. As it does, I will reflect those changes both in this section and in other parts of the blog. Anyway, I am nervous but very excited to be doing to this, and I hope we all make this a great blog and see where it goes.

Now, let’s us get cooking, eating, and blogging.

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