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New Test: The Can(‘t) Cook Book

7 Nov


My next (or first) test will be the Can(‘t) Cook Book. (Note: Given the graphic on the cover, I will incorporate the parenthesis¬† around the “‘t” of the title when mentioning it). When I wanted to reboot this blog, I wanted to do a “back to basics” cookbook because of how my personal life has been. For those who know me, I have mentioned quite a bit that I have not been myself for a while. So, I kinda go back to the start, especially with cooking again. Part of what connected me to the cookbook is a confession I have to make: I have become a Can’t Cook. (Hold up! You can’t cook and doing a blog about making recipes?! Okay?) In addition to not blogging much, I haven’t cook a lot either with making excuses and just being stupid procrastinating, which makes me the “Used to Cook”, one of many types of Can’t Cooks (Seinfeld 1). In addition to getting back into the “Can” category, I want to get back into the kitchen, start cooking again, and most importantly, fall back in love with a passion I have for food.

Written by Jessica Seinfeld (from Deceptively Delicious) and containing over 100 recipes, her aim to be a mentor for the Can’t Cooks and break people into this realm that can seem very intimidating. With me, she hits one note while growing up for me: Cooking for and/or with my family has been very stressful. Not to further rag on family, but a lot of my family falls into one or more of the Can’t Cook categories. So, I encourage and even challenge them to cook along with this test. Amidst the stress, one joy and another note Jessica makes is the satisfaction of making a successful and satisfying meal for someone else (Seinfeld 2). Past her welcoming, the intro also covers how to do general prep in the kitchen as well as other how to’s. Beyond the cookbook, she mentions both a website and a phone app to watch how-to videos to further aid the reader (Seinfeld 1). (If you want to find out what the links to these are plus other info about the cookbook, you can always buy the cookbook. This blog is to test recipes; not to spew the info from them verbatim. It is what it is.)

Time to cook and blog.



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The SparkPeople CookBook- Status: Aborted

6 Nov

Hey all, since it seems forever and a day since I blogged, I have decided to abort testing this cookbook. Aside from taking too long, things I mentioned in the intro to this test was I am fan of SparkPeople as it is. Although I can test this fairly, I do feel like I do have some bias for SparkPeople in general, which would skew my final recommendation of the cookbook. I know a few of you were following some of my posts; so, I do apologize for the cancellation. My new approach for the next test is to do test something I haven’t “pretested”. Will Blog will find a cookbook to reboot.

Until then,

Keep Cooking