About The SparkPeople Cookbook

25 Mar

After, umm, several… months of trying to get this blog up and running, our first official test and launch of Eat Me will be The SparkPeople Cookbook. SparkPeople is considered to be the top website for weight-loss and fitness with SparkRecipes (which some to all the recipes stem from) being the largest online resource for healthy recipes. Written by editor Stepfanie Romaine and Chef Meg Galvin, this cookbook contains over 150 recipes to show healthy cooking is feasible, enjoyable, and satisfying for the body, mind, soul, and most importantly, to the palette.  (Wait, isn’t this a cookbook and not a yoga class? Well, yoga and diet can go hand-in-hand, and Stepfanie happens to be a certified yoga instructor.) Although the book’s slogan is “Love Your Food, Lose the Weight”, this cookbook is for anyone wanting to cook healthier, whether or not getting to a healthier weight is one of the goals. Through the recipes and other information, The SparkPeople Cookbook emphasizes the same goal as found online, which is to “ditch the diet” and enjoy what you eat.

Part of the reason why I chose this to be the first test is SparkPeople has been a good resource in my weight loss journey. At my heaviest, I used to weigh 255 lbs, and I was your classic yo-yo dieter and never thought I was going hit my initial goal of 175 lbs. Then, I met with a dietitian named Maureen, and she was the one who introduce me to SparkPeople. Though I have used other tools, SparkPeople has definitely helped me to exceed my first weight goal (Bye-bye yo-yo). Despite keeping the weight the off, I have gotten off track with SparkPeople, and I notice future weight loss became inconsistent since then. Regardless if testing the recipes from The SparkPeople CookBook is a success or not, I am hoping it can, at least, inspire me to start utilizing this resource once again (as well as losing the last couple of pounds to hit my final weight loss goal of losing 100 lbs.).

An interesting factor in testing this cookbook is joining SparkPeople costs nothing, you do not have to be member to access SparkRecipes. Obviously, even if the cookbook is a success, the question is, “Why buy the cookbook when I can get the recipes for free online?” On one hand, getting and cooking a recipe from cookbook has a way different feel than obtaining it online. However, that doesn’t really justify spending your money on the book.

So far, I have done some “pretesting” with the cookbook. (Basically, cooking the recipes but not blogging about a damn thing yet). In order for me and anyone who wants to contribute to answering the question, it’s time to get cooking and, especially in my case, actual blogging.

About the Authors

If I am able to, I will try to post a bio about the author(s) of the test we are doing either in this section or a separate post should the introduction not running way too long. However, based on how I would word it, I am not able to this time. However, if you wanted to read the bios of Meg Galvin and Stepfanie Romine, they are available on the SparkPeople website, and here is the URL :



– Galvin, Meg, and Stepfanie Romine. The SparkPeople Cookbook: Love Your Food, Lose the Weight. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, 2011.


Borboa, Michele. “Healthy Cooking Tips from Chef Athlete Meg Galvin.” Sheknows.com. 4 Aug. 2011. SheKnows, LLC. 25 Mar. 2013 <http://www.sheknows.com/health-and-wellness/articles/837713/healthy-cooking-tips-from-chef-athlete-meg-calvin/page:2&gt;.

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